Explorer Dome : Disgusting Digestion & The Wonder of Space

Explorer Dome


Saturday 9th June

Southbroom School, The Green 1:30pm and 3:00pm | Adult £10 / Child £7 and Family £28

The Wonder of Space (1:30pm) - a family planetarium show for adults and children aged 4+

Explore the Solar System, the lives and deaths of stars, enjoy a guided tour of the sky tonight, find your own star sign and ask the experts about life, the universe and (almost) anything. Relax under the stars!

Disgusting Digestion (3:00pm) - a journey from plate to poo – a family experience for adults and children aged 4+

Explorer Dome’s pop-up planetarium transforms itself into a stomach for this entertaining and enlightening trip through the digestive system. Healthy eating, what we eat and where it goes. You will be digested, absorbed and float inside a biological cell to discover the units of life. The alimentary canal from top… to bottom!

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