Matinee Movie: Brief Encounter

Matinee Movie: Brief Encounter

Tuesday 12th June

The Palace Cinema 2:00pm | £8

Hailed as the best romantic film ever, we are very excited to provide the opportunity to see this iconic film on the big screen. We can return to a time when the trains ran on time and station buffets were as tidy and inviting as the one in this movie. Brief Encounter is etched in nostalgia for an era when trapped middle-class lives contemplated adultery but set the disturbing thought aside.

Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are perfect, but it is due to Johnson that the film is still so moving. Her agony and her rapture stay interior, and they flip-flop like nerves in this beautiful, grave black-and-white movie. Her voice is measured but the eyes are desperate. That she holds the film together is beyond doubt.

We are delighted that the film will be introduced by Lucy Fleming (Celia Johnson’s daughter)



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