"FLANDERS AND SWANN" : At the Drop of a Hippopotamus


Friday 16th June

Town Hall 8:00pm | £15 R

After three sell-out tours, Duncan Walsh Atkins, Tim Fitzhigham, the Hippo and the words and music of Flanders and Swann are back. Fresh from headlining at the International Flanders and Swann Festival, they embark on the largest ever Flanders and Swann tour since Flanders and Swann toured.

Lifelong fans and the uninitiated alike have delighted in seeing the boys breathe new life into F&S’s wonderful songs including: The Hippopotamus Song, The Gas Man Cometh, The Gnu Song, Omnibus (or A Transport of Delights), A Song of Patriotic Prejudice and Madeira M'Dear. Flanders and Swann’s own brand of inoffensive, gentle but witty and often satirical humour has stood the test of time, remaining popular with all ages.

 There will be a bar available.