Adam Alexander credit Jesse Alexander

Adam Alexander – Seed Detective

Sunday 2nd June
2pm The Peppermill Hotel

Adam Alexander is a consummate story-teller thanks to forty years as an award-winning film and television producer. He lectures widely on his work discovering, conserving and sharing rare and endangered garden crops. He also grows seed of heritage Syrian and Ukrainian vegetables for displaced people in the UK and beyond, whilst maintaining a library of some 500 vegetables.

Mike Dilger

Mike Dilger – One Thousand Shades of Green

Wednesday 5th June
1pm Assembly Room, Town Hall | £10 | Book tickets

Mike Dilger is an English naturalist, ecologist, author and broadcaster. He is perhaps best known as the wildlife reporter on the popular BBC TV programme The One Show.

With degrees in Botany and Ecology, he spent many years working as a field biologist in Vietnam, Tanzania and Ecuador and has an unparalleled enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of the natural world. Mike is the author of seven nature books and his talk is on his most recent book One Thousand Shades of Green, which details his quest to find 1000 different British plants in a calendar year and assess how our fascinating flora is faring in modern Britain.

Adam Rutherford credit Stefan Oboski

An Evening with Adam Rutherford

Wednesday 5th June
8pm Corn Exchange | £15 | Book tickets

Spirit Fashion

Adam Rutherford is a geneticist, author and broadcaster who frequently appears on science programmes on both radio and TV. He presents Radio 4’s flagship programme Start the Week and was the host of Inside Science for eight years. His popular series The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry has been on air for a decade.

This engaging, provocative and informative talk is not to be missed!

Belinda Kirk and The Life-Changing Power of Adventure

Tuesday 11th June
2pm Assembly Room, Town Hall | £8 | Book tickets

Belinda Kirk is a world-record holding explorer, researcher and a leading campaigner promoting the benefits of adventure on wellbeing. She’s written the best-selling, award-nominated, book Adventure Mind: Transform Your Wellbeing By Choosing Challenge.

Kate Webb and Jon Stock – The Darker Side of Wiltshire

Wednesday 12th June
2pm The Peppermill Hotel | £15 | Book tickets

Devizes Books

Two best-selling Wiltshire-based authors discuss their craft.

J.S.Monroe is the pseudonym of British writer Jon Stock. He lives in Wiltshire, and as well as six spy novels he is the author of five psychological thrillers including The Man On Hackpen Hill.