The Second Best Bed – Liz Grand

Thursday 23rd June

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Merchant Suite 7:30pm | £15 | Book Now

When Shakespeare died he famously left his wife Anne only one thing; the Second Best Bed.
It has long been debated if this was the ultimate insult or a private joke between a loving couple.
In this frank, humourous and revealing monologue the audience gets to know Shakespeare like never before, through the eyes of his wife.

The Second Best Bed sees Anne Hathaway take centre stage to reflect on her life with the great writer. Sharing her intimate memories and personal views she reminisces back over the years the circumstances of their marriage, the writing of the plays and their time spent together, and apart.
Of course, if anyone were to know the truth about whether Shakespeare actually wrote the plays, it would most certainly be his widow, wouldn’t it?

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